Refurbishment of a Training Centre and Shelter, Uruguay, Uruguayan Association

This project provides coaching and training to homeless mothers, children and the elderly to help with their integration back into society. The refurbishment of the centre will create an increased space for mothers to spend one-to-one time with their children in a quiet and safe environment. The project will help over 140 single mothers, children […]

Computerisation of La Fontaine, Belgium, Belgian Association


The daytime shelters “La Fontaine” provide hot showers, laundry services, basic medical care and administrative assistance for the homeless in Brussels, Liege, and Ghent, helping 25,000 individuals per year. The “La Fontaine” houses are the only shelters providing a complete chain of services on the same location. This grant will allow for the administration and […]

‘Way Home’ Project, St Petersburg Russia, Russian Relief Service

Departure to Moldova

The ‘Way Home’ project will enable 120 people who have been forced to remain in St Petersburg without legal documentation and means of working to return to their home city or country. The project helps to prevent homelessness among non-residents and foreigners in the city and assists them in finding employment. ‘Way Home’ also provides […]

Shelter and Meal Service for the Homeless, Slovakia, Slovakian Relief Service

Slovakia 15 H1 (1)

The project aims to provide shelter and warm food to the homeless people during the winter, by running a 24/7 shelter for homeless and warm meal service on local delivery of meals to socially disadvantaged seniors. The project will reach 80 people in the towns of Trencin and Kezmarok.

St Mary’s Soup Kitchen, United States of America, Federal Association

With this grant, the St Mary’s Soup Kitchen aims to continue feeding the poor and homeless in Downtown Memphis. The beneficiaries of this project are 120 to 150 homeless men and women, most of whom are unable to care for themselves. The St Mary’s soup kitchen is the only year-round provider of free meals and […]

Mobile Shelter for the Homeless, Moscow, Russia


The grant has allowed the mobile shelter in St Petersburg to continue providing accommodation and social support to homeless people in the city. The project helps to reduce crime rates, assists the guests in finding work and provides the homeless with a warm shelter during the brutal winter. Responsible Organisation: Russian Relief Service

The Oxford Companions, UK 

The Oxford Companions work to assist elderly, lonely and isolated people, children born with disabilities and the unacknowledged homeless. They run a drop-in service for the homeless, mobile soup kitchens, as well as weekly visits and special events for those in the local Order care homes. The volunteers also run educational visits for children with […]

Help for the Homeless in Prague, Czech Republic

Bohemia 15 H1 (5)

This programme is run by the Grand Priory of Bohemia and provides access to social benefits and a dedicated social worker for homeless people or those recently released from prison. Each social worker has the capacity to work with 15 homeless people long term. This grant enabled the existing programme to meet the existing demand […]

Training Centre for the Homeless, Uruguay

Uraguay 13 H2 (5)

This grant to the Uruguay Association targets a total of 80 single mothers and elderly people within the homeless community served by a homeless centre.

Mobile Shelter for the Homeless, St Petersburg, Russia

Russia St P (CF)

The project aims to establish mobile night shelters with 30 beds providing accommodation for nearly 500 homeless per year in different parts of St Petersburg.  This will help to reduce crime rates, assist them in getting work (papers) and reducing mortality in the winter months.