Social Canteen, Romania, Romanian Relief Service


The ‘Maltese Social Canteen’ program provides hot meals daily to 100 people at home. The project helps to reduce social isolation, providing daily interaction and occasional help with household activities. The individuals who benefit from this program are the elderly, people below the poverty line and those with physical disabilities and their families. The grant […]

Meals on Wheels, Lithuania, Lithuanian Relief Service


The project ‘Meals on Wheels’ started in 1993 and now runs in 16 cities and villages across Lithuania. The project delivers hot meals to lonely elderly people living in poverty, it also delivers food packages three times a month to those who are able to make prepare their own food. The grant will assist the […]

Comedores en Cuba: Support for the Elderly, Cuba, Cuban Association

Serving Warm Meals

This program has been run for 15 years on a daily basis by the members and volunteers of the Cuban Association. The project delivers food to forty-nine elderly care centres managed by the Cuban Associot. The grant will enable an increased number of meals to be served, as well as to improve the quality and […]

Home Care on Wheels, Lithuania, Lithuanian Relief Service

‘Home Care on Wheels’ provides medical and social assistance to the elderly and disabled living in Lithuania’s rural regions who are unable to take care of themselves. In addition, the project helps to assist the individuals who are taking care of their family members and manage to combine the family duties with their work commitments. […]

Primary Health Centre and Day Care Centre for the Elderly, Lebanon, Lebanese Association

Lebanon 14 H1 (7)

The Day Care Centre provides a positive environment for the elderly, with programs that enable them to be more active, independent, and take responsibility for their health and medical care. The facility improves their quality of life and encourages them to become active members of the community with dignity and security. Daily activities at the […]

Dog Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly, Lithuania; Lithuanian Relief Service

This innovative project aims to provide an alternative treatment for the elderly and disabled, improving physical and mental health, and cognitive and social skills through the use of specially trained dogs. The therapy will benefit 10 people per month and operate in Klaipeda, Taurage and Kaunas.

Social Club for the Elderly, St Petersburg, Russian Relief Service


This project, located in St Petersburg, Russia, will help provide a range of social and cultural activities for 500 lonely elderly and disabled people each year. The project aims to reduce isolation and loneliness within a large city and nurture spiritual health by strengthening social connections between the elderly.

Malta Singular, Portugal, Portuguese Association


The main goal of this project is to promote social initiatives that support isolated elderly people, and abandoned or orphaned children born with disabilities. The project will provide sports activities, cultural visits, interaction with the wider community and support in understanding the rights of elderly or disabled people in society. Since 2011 the work has […]

Hospital in Barczewo, Poland


This Hospital delivers medical care and support to patients in a vegetative state or requiring mechanical ventilation. The facility has 77 beds, providing in-patient care to around 340 people annually, and offering support to their families. This grant supported the growth of a long-term care facility to help the mainly elderly patients at the hospital. […]

Dementia Nursing Scheme, Orders of St John Care Trust, UK


The grant has enabled the Order of St John Care Trust to recruit an additional nurse to work within the scheme, providing support and care to those coping with dementia and to their families as well. Responsible Organisation: British Association