Order of Malta CARAVAN, Lebanon, German and Lebanese Associations


CARAVAN project offers young adults the opportunity to spend ten months living and working on behalf of the Order in Beirut, Lebanon. During their time in Lebanon, the participants volunteer in three homes for mentally and physically disabled people every week and also participate the Chabrouh Camps. Additionally, they are enrolled in the Jesuit University […]

Laundry Facilities for the Institute for Children and Youth, Serbia, Serbian Embassy of the Order of Malta


The Institute for Children and Youth, houses and educates over 300 mentally and physically disabled children of different ages. The grant will enable the Institute to purchase new washing machines and dryers to improve the laundry facilities for the children at the school.

Dar tal-Providenza House – Transport Services, Malta, Maltese Association

The Dar tal-Providenza House in Malta provides a home for individuals with disabilities. Most of the residence are mentally disabled and unable to earn their own income. The grant will contribute towards the purchase of two transport vehicles for the residents of the house.

Providing Disabled Access to Parishes, Slovenia, Slovenian Relief Service

This projects aims to ensure equal participation to people with disabilities in the religious life of their communities by offering access to the parish and its activities, and offering disability awareness training to priests, members of parish councils and other worshipers in selected parishes. The Association will provide training in each location, as organize the […]

Bhannes Hospital for the Disabled, Lebanon, Lebanese Association


The Bhannes Hospital in Lebanon is a state of the art facility for children with cerebral palsy. The hospital is run by the Lebanese Association and accommodates up to 100 children, between the ages of 2 and 15 years. It has a team of specialists and therapists and the Middle East’s only balneotherapy rehabilitation pool. The hospital […]

Renovation of a School for Deaf and Dumb Children, Armenia, Armenian Embassy of the Order of Malta

The school gives young deaf and dumb children an education, teaching them sign language in Armenian, English and French. The school, which is a boarding school, provides a home and a better start in life for 136 pupils. The grant will allow for basic renovations, repairing 27 out of the 34 rooms on the first […]

Refurbishment of Hospital Facilities, Macedonia, Macedonian Embassy of the Order of Malta


This project aims to provide sensory treatment facilities for children and adults at the hospital. Two dilapidated rooms will be refurbished, providing a soft play area for children and teenagers housed at the hospital and a multi-sensory environment for all age groups. A hand-painted corridor will also be refurbished, that can be used for teaching […]

International Summer Camp for the Disabled, Poland, Polish Association

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This grant would be the fifth awarded by the Global Fund for Forgotten People for the International Summer Camp, a camp for disabled people between the ages of 18 and 35 years old. The objective of the camp is to empower young people with disabilities through carefully chosen holiday activities, joint prayer and entertainment, enabling […]

Support Centre for Families with Disabled Children, Romania; Romanian Relief Service

The support centre will benefit 15 severely disabled young adults and their families through social integration. It will provide easy access to information, individual and group psychological counselling, and will raise awareness within the local community of the difficulties that children and young adults with disabilities experience. The one-year project will be initiated in 2016 […]

Active Rehabilitation Camp ‘Move it!’, Lithuania; Lithuanian Relief Service


This project took place for the first time in the summer 2015, providing a special 10-day adaptation training for 16-20 young disabled people, in their first few years after suffering injuries that have confined them to wheelchairs. The program includes physical, social and cultural training: wheelchair skills, confidence building, and creative activities. The project operates in […]