Order of Malta CARAVAN, Lebanon, German and Lebanese Associations


CARAVAN project offers young adults the opportunity to spend ten months living and working on behalf of the Order in Beirut, Lebanon. During their time in Lebanon, the participants volunteer in three homes for mentally and physically disabled people every week and also participate the Chabrouh Camps. Additionally, they are enrolled in the Jesuit University […]

Social Canteen, Romania, Romanian Relief Service


The ‘Maltese Social Canteen’ program provides hot meals daily to 100 people at home. The project helps to reduce social isolation, providing daily interaction and occasional help with household activities. The individuals who benefit from this program are the elderly, people below the poverty line and those with physical disabilities and their families. The grant […]

Primary Health Care Centre in Kefraya, Lebanon, Lebanese Association


The Primary Health Care Centre in Kefraya provides healthcare services to refugees, the elderly and the needy population of the region. In 2015, the Centre provided over 11,000 socio-medical acts (including medical consultations, cardiology, gynecology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, dentistry service, dietician service, vaccination, and imaging service). In 2016, a new Mobile Medical Unit will be operational […]

Laundry Facilities for the Institute for Children and Youth, Serbia, Serbian Embassy of the Order of Malta


The Institute for Children and Youth, houses and educates over 300 mentally and physically disabled children of different ages. The grant will enable the Institute to purchase new washing machines and dryers to improve the laundry facilities for the children at the school.

The Dignity Loan Program, Palestine, Representative Office of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Palestine

DLP 1 Beefarm

The Dignity Loan Program provides interest-free recyclable loans to individuals and cooperative projects that have the ability to increase income, create jobs and serve the community in the Salfit, Tulkarem and Qalqilia governorates on the West Bank, Palestine. There are currently 27 active loan recipients and five participants whom have finished their loan payments. The […]

Humanitarian Support for Street Children, South Sudan, Malteser International

The project aims to improve and expand the services offered at the Young at Risk Daily Care Centre run by Don Bosco in Wau. The centre provides street children with at least one meal per day, basic medical care, as well as educational and recreational activities supervised by one social worker. The project also supports […]

Emergency Medical Care for Migrants, Germany, German Relief Service

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.59.51

This project will provide primary health care for people without health insurance and residence permits, and will provide care for pregnant women within this target group, assisting with their delivery. The grant will enable the German Relief Service to run mobile and stationary clinics to offer basic and emergency healthcare, as well as offering legal […]

Dar tal-Providenza House – Transport Services, Malta, Maltese Association

The Dar tal-Providenza House in Malta provides a home for individuals with disabilities. Most of the residence are mentally disabled and unable to earn their own income. The grant will contribute towards the purchase of two transport vehicles for the residents of the house.

Improving healthcare and response to disease outbreaks, Colombia, Malteser International

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.08.49

This project addresses important gaps in health by improving the access to medicine, so that the local population are better prepared to react to disease outbreaks, such as the Zika virus or Dengue fever. The service helps to educate the community on infectious disease and preventative measures. It operates in the regions of La Guajira […]

Wallia Health Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Chad, French Association


The Wallia Health Centre provides health care to the population of N’Djamena, giving special care to mothers and children in the maternal and infant protection program. The center offers vaccinations against aggressive and deadly diseases, such as polio and tuberculosis. A grant will allow the centre to extend their vaccination area and create a more […]

Providing Disabled Access to Parishes, Slovenia, Slovenian Relief Service

This projects aims to ensure equal participation to people with disabilities in the religious life of their communities by offering access to the parish and its activities, and offering disability awareness training to priests, members of parish councils and other worshipers in selected parishes. The Association will provide training in each location, as organize the […]

Educational Support for the Poor, Romania, Romanian Relief Service


This afterschool project provides educational support and develops social skills for 20 children. The children are, mostly, from the Roma community, from single parent families or being cared for by their grandparents or relative, many of their parents are in prison or have a serious addiction problem. The families of the children are offered information […]

Refurbishment of a Training Centre and Shelter, Uruguay, Uruguayan Association

This project provides coaching and training to homeless mothers, children and the elderly to help with their integration back into society. The refurbishment of the centre will create an increased space for mothers to spend one-to-one time with their children in a quiet and safe environment. The project will help over 140 single mothers, children […]

Medical Assistance for Migrants, Italy, Grand Magistry of the Sovereign Order of Malta


The Order of Malta’s Medical Centre provides free health care to the poor and needy in Rome. The centre also provides care for migrants who are not able to seek medical assistance at other health clinics. As well as health care, migrants receive social assistance and education in reducing the impact of infectious diseases.

Meals on Wheels, Lithuania, Lithuanian Relief Service


The project ‘Meals on Wheels’ started in 1993 and now runs in 16 cities and villages across Lithuania. The project delivers hot meals to lonely elderly people living in poverty, it also delivers food packages three times a month to those who are able to make prepare their own food. The grant will assist the […]

Comedores en Cuba: Support for the Elderly, Cuba, Cuban Association

Serving Warm Meals

This program has been run for 15 years on a daily basis by the members and volunteers of the Cuban Association. The project delivers food to forty-nine elderly care centres managed by the Cuban Associot. The grant will enable an increased number of meals to be served, as well as to improve the quality and […]

Bhannes Hospital for the Disabled, Lebanon, Lebanese Association


The Bhannes Hospital in Lebanon is a state of the art facility for children with cerebral palsy. The hospital is run by the Lebanese Association and accommodates up to 100 children, between the ages of 2 and 15 years. It has a team of specialists and therapists and the Middle East’s only balneotherapy rehabilitation pool. The hospital […]

Order of Malta Oakland Clinic of Northern California, USA, Western Association

The Oakland Clinic provides free basic health care, including related lab tests, imaging and prescriptions to individuals who have no private or public health insurance. The grant will contribute towards the operating costs of the clinic, enable the replacement of old medical equipment, and help develop a range of services and increased hours to meet […]

Dental unit, San Vincent de Paul Clinic, El Salvador, Salvadorian Association

The clinic of San Vincent de Paul has been providing basic health care to the population of Santa Tecla since 1975. The grant will enable the clinic to provide dental care to children and adults by installing a dental unit with specialist equipment. The project will focus on promoting dental hygiene and improving dental health.

First Aid training courses, Ukraine, Ukrainian Relief Service

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 12.37.03

The Ukrainian Relief Service run First Aid courses with 20 instructors and teach basic Life Support courses. This grant will provide renovations to the training room to enable larger groups to participate, purchase modern multimedia equipment to aid training and create study groups for First Aid.

Restoration of Water Pumps in Leprosium Hospital, Egypt, Egyptian Embassy of the Order of Malta


The hospital provides medical support to both outpatients and inpatients, suffering from leprosy and malaria, as well as dermatological, cardiac and gynecological diseases. There are over 750 lepers being treated at this hospital. The grant will help to restore the old water pumps and motors, improving the quality and amount of water arriving at the […]

Aegean SAR Operation, Greek and Turkish Coasts, Italian Relief Corps (CISOM)


The project supports immigrants and refugees who are trying to reach Europe via the Mediterranean Sea, close to the Greek and Turkish coasts. These asylum seekers include people who have fled their country due to religious persecution, and people who are living in war and guerrilla areas, or living in famine and drought zones. This […]

Computerisation of La Fontaine, Belgium, Belgian Association


The daytime shelters “La Fontaine” provide hot showers, laundry services, basic medical care and administrative assistance for the homeless in Brussels, Liege, and Ghent, helping 25,000 individuals per year. The “La Fontaine” houses are the only shelters providing a complete chain of services on the same location. This grant will allow for the administration and […]

Renovation of a School for Deaf and Dumb Children, Armenia, Armenian Embassy of the Order of Malta

The school gives young deaf and dumb children an education, teaching them sign language in Armenian, English and French. The school, which is a boarding school, provides a home and a better start in life for 136 pupils. The grant will allow for basic renovations, repairing 27 out of the 34 rooms on the first […]

Multiple Chronic Illness Project, Malta House of Care, USA, Federal Association

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.19.21

Malta House of Care, in Hartford, Connecticut provides free health care (examinations, blood tests and radiology, medicines and ongoing care) to adults with multiple chronic diseases and limited incomes who lack health insurance. The grant will enable the diagnosis and stabilisation of the patients’ health conditions at the earliest detection, treatment of chronic diseases, provision […]

‘Way Home’ Project, St Petersburg Russia, Russian Relief Service

Departure to Moldova

The ‘Way Home’ project will enable 120 people who have been forced to remain in St Petersburg without legal documentation and means of working to return to their home city or country. The project helps to prevent homelessness among non-residents and foreigners in the city and assists them in finding employment. ‘Way Home’ also provides […]

Clinica Don Bosco – Caballeros de Malta, Panama, Panamanian Association

The Clinica Don Bosco provides medical assistance to low-income families lacking health insurance and social security benefits. Between 2014 and 2015 the clinic attended to over 2,000 patients. The grant will allow the clinic to increase the medical services being given.

Home Care on Wheels, Lithuania, Lithuanian Relief Service

‘Home Care on Wheels’ provides medical and social assistance to the elderly and disabled living in Lithuania’s rural regions who are unable to take care of themselves. In addition, the project helps to assist the individuals who are taking care of their family members and manage to combine the family duties with their work commitments. […]

Refurbishment of Hospital Facilities, Macedonia, Macedonian Embassy of the Order of Malta


This project aims to provide sensory treatment facilities for children and adults at the hospital. Two dilapidated rooms will be refurbished, providing a soft play area for children and teenagers housed at the hospital and a multi-sensory environment for all age groups. A hand-painted corridor will also be refurbished, that can be used for teaching […]

Refugee Integration, Austria, Austrian Relief Service

The project ‘Better Life’ aims to support refugees in Austria. The goal is to socially integrate refugees (including 200 unaccompanied minors) within the country by promoting their interaction with locals and helping them to live in Austria in a dignified way. The facilities provided include language courses and assistance with the legal requirements of the […]

Primary Health Centre and Day Care Centre for the Elderly, Lebanon, Lebanese Association

Lebanon 14 H1 (7)

The Day Care Centre provides a positive environment for the elderly, with programs that enable them to be more active, independent, and take responsibility for their health and medical care. The facility improves their quality of life and encourages them to become active members of the community with dignity and security. Daily activities at the […]

Help for People in Social Need, Czech Republic, Grand Priory of Bohemia


This programme aims to provide support for 70 homeless people, particularly foreigners, in Prague, through assistance with administrative affairs and documentation. The programme also helps the homeless access social benefits. The grant will go specifically towards covering the social workers’ salaries, as well as other expenditures associated with working with homeless people.

Summer Activities for the Disabled, Italy, Italian Relief Corps (CISOM)

This project will give 360 disabled, displaced and elderly people the opportunity to be hosted on an Italian Navy ship. The project will promote well-being by providing alternative recreational, cultural and sporting activities. The project operates in Augusta, Sicily.

Shelter and Meal Service for the Homeless, Slovakia, Slovakian Relief Service

Slovakia 15 H1 (1)

The project aims to provide shelter and warm food to the homeless people during the winter, by running a 24/7 shelter for homeless and warm meal service on local delivery of meals to socially disadvantaged seniors. The project will reach 80 people in the towns of Trencin and Kezmarok.

Day Care Centre for Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Children, Romania, Romanian Relief Service

The day care centre aims to protect children at risk of neglect, abandonment and juvenile delinquency. The project will support a group of 15 children aged between 6 and 10 years old from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, and will be implemented in 2016 by the Romanian Relief Service branch in Aiud. The centre will provide a […]

Dog Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly, Lithuania; Lithuanian Relief Service

This innovative project aims to provide an alternative treatment for the elderly and disabled, improving physical and mental health, and cognitive and social skills through the use of specially trained dogs. The therapy will benefit 10 people per month and operate in Klaipeda, Taurage and Kaunas.

The Primary Health Care Centre, Lebanon, Lebanese Association

The Primary Health Care Centre aims to provide social activities and healthcare (particularly dentistry services) to refugees, the Lebanese population and the elderly. It will also offer breakfast and lunch every week. This grant will go towards buying and installing a new dental cabinet and the necessary medical supplies.

Medical Clinic, Timor Leste, East Timorese Embassy of the Order of Malta


The project in Dili, capital city of Timor Leste, will provide free medical and primary health care, with an emphasis on maternal health and the care of infants and children. The clinic will consist of 3 main consultation rooms, medically trained staff and modern equipment. It is expected to receive up to 200-300 patients a […]

International Summer Camp for the Disabled, Poland, Polish Association

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 17.06.43

This grant would be the fifth awarded by the Global Fund for Forgotten People for the International Summer Camp, a camp for disabled people between the ages of 18 and 35 years old. The objective of the camp is to empower young people with disabilities through carefully chosen holiday activities, joint prayer and entertainment, enabling […]

Social Club for the Elderly, St Petersburg, Russian Relief Service


This project, located in St Petersburg, Russia, will help provide a range of social and cultural activities for 500 lonely elderly and disabled people each year. The project aims to reduce isolation and loneliness within a large city and nurture spiritual health by strengthening social connections between the elderly.

Malta Singular, Portugal, Portuguese Association


The main goal of this project is to promote social initiatives that support isolated elderly people, and abandoned or orphaned children born with disabilities. The project will provide sports activities, cultural visits, interaction with the wider community and support in understanding the rights of elderly or disabled people in society. Since 2011 the work has […]

St Mary’s Soup Kitchen, United States of America, Federal Association

With this grant, the St Mary’s Soup Kitchen aims to continue feeding the poor and homeless in Downtown Memphis. The beneficiaries of this project are 120 to 150 homeless men and women, most of whom are unable to care for themselves. The St Mary’s soup kitchen is the only year-round provider of free meals and […]

Healthcare for Disadvantaged Children, Haiti, Malteser International

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 16.53.44

The project will construct two playgrounds for disadvantaged children providing an escape, through sport, from the harsh reality of living in one of the poorest cities on earth. These playgrounds will offer children the opportunity to engage in recreational activities in a safe space, and will be incorporated into the curriculum of 19 local schools, […]

Treatment for Post Natal Complications, Madagascar, French Association

This project will operate in the Pavillon Sainte Fleur in Antananarivo.  It will aim to reduce the number of women affected by Obstetric Fistulas in Madagascar by providing expert surgical treatment and educating Malagasy surgeons and paramedics about the conditions and its treatments.

Support Centre for Families with Disabled Children, Romania; Romanian Relief Service

The support centre will benefit 15 severely disabled young adults and their families through social integration. It will provide easy access to information, individual and group psychological counselling, and will raise awareness within the local community of the difficulties that children and young adults with disabilities experience. The one-year project will be initiated in 2016 […]

Active Rehabilitation Camp ‘Move it!’, Lithuania; Lithuanian Relief Service


This project took place for the first time in the summer 2015, providing a special 10-day adaptation training for 16-20 young disabled people, in their first few years after suffering injuries that have confined them to wheelchairs. The program includes physical, social and cultural training: wheelchair skills, confidence building, and creative activities. The project operates in […]

Mobile Clinic for Migrants, Malta, Grand Magistry of the Order of Malta

The objective of this project is to provide migrants arriving in Malta with humane and decent care. The project provides access to basic medical care, sanitary facilities and first aid on arrival the country.

Improving Indigenous Living Conditions from Likouala, Republic of Congo, French Association

This vast project aims to improve access to health care and other basic services for Likouala’s indigenous populations. The French Association is setting up mobile outreach clinics to provide medical consultations in several villages, meals for the hospitalised and surgery for children. This project operates in the region of Likouala and supports over 21,000 people.

Transport for Social Projects in Gyulaj, Hungary, Hungarian Relief Service and Embassy of the Order of Malta to the Roma community

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 16.39.07

This project aims to purchase a vehicle in order to strengthen the work started 6 years ago by the Hungarian Relief Service in Gyulaj. This social cooperative offers employment to local inhabitants, operating a butcher’s shop, store and providing locally produced fruits and vegetables for the local school and kindergarten. The vehicle will enable the […]

Construction of a School, Argentina, Argentinian Association


This project aims to provide an education for approximately 120 teenagers (13-17 years old) from Buenos Aires’ most deprived areas. The grant will help fund the building of a school with six classrooms, supporting the teenagers through their education and helping them escape from the culture of drug-use and crime.

Making Parishes Accessible to Disabled People, Slovenia, Slovenian Association of the Order of Malta

This project aims to ensure that participation in the spiritual life of their communities is accessible for people with various disabilities, by offering access to the parish and its activities, and offering disability awareness training to priests, members of parish councils and other worshipers. The Association will provide training in each location, as well as […]

Mobile Shelter for the Homeless, Moscow, Russia


The grant has allowed the mobile shelter in St Petersburg to continue providing accommodation and social support to homeless people in the city. The project helps to reduce crime rates, assists the guests in finding work and provides the homeless with a warm shelter during the brutal winter. Responsible Organisation: Russian Relief Service

Malta Singular, Lisbon, Portugal


The main goal of this project are to promote social initiatives that support isolated elderly people, and orphaned or abandoned children born with disabilities. The project will provide a range of sports activities, cultural visits, and interaction with the wider community. Since 2011 the project has helped around 650 elderly people and 900 young children. […]

Hospital in Barczewo, Poland


This Hospital delivers medical care and support to patients in a vegetative state or requiring mechanical ventilation. The facility has 77 beds, providing in-patient care to around 340 people annually, and offering support to their families. This grant supported the growth of a long-term care facility to help the mainly elderly patients at the hospital. […]

Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction, Latin America and the Caribbean

Caribbean (MI) 14 H2 (2)

This grant was awarded to a project which brings hope to poor and vulnerable people faced with natural disasters. The project aims to better prepare for future disasters in Mexico, Columbia, and Peru, through networking, exchanging expertise, and augmenting the internal capacity of countries within Latin America and the Caribbean to cope with natural disasters. […]

Free Clinic for Undocumented People, Rome

The Order’s Medical Centre offers free health care to those who would not otherwise have access to it, due to their homeless or undocumented status. It also works to reduce the impact of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV. The clinic aims to treat over 1,500 undocumented people each year. Responsible Organisation: Grand Magistry of […]

Ebola Fever Prevention Equipment, Liberia

This grant was used to acquire and deliver protective equipment to the Liberian rescue crews. The crews helped deliver support to hundreds of vulnerable people affected by Ebola. Responsible Organisation: French Association

Dementia Nursing Scheme, Orders of St John Care Trust, UK


The grant has enabled the Order of St John Care Trust to recruit an additional nurse to work within the scheme, providing support and care to those coping with dementia and to their families as well. Responsible Organisation: British Association

Multiple Chronic Illness Project, Malta House of Care, USA

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 13.13.27

This work delivers free, primary medical services to people in financial difficulty, focusing its support particularly on recent immigrants from across the world, who otherwise would lack access to health care. Responsible Organisation: Federal Association

Kitchen for Life, Ukraine

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 13.23.35

This project improves the physical and psychological health of over 200 poverty-stricken people by providing basic hot food. 
This support can be vital, especially during the long and cold winter months. Responsible Organisation: Ukrainian Relief Service

Health Supply to IDPs, Northern Iraq

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 13.29.13

The work provides health care through the provision of drugs and medical supplies for IDPs seeking shelter from civil war, and the persecution of the terrorist organisation known as the Daesh. Responsible Organisation: Malteser International

Children and Teenagers Scoliosis Care in Senegal


This work aims to improve access to the orthopedic surgery for street children with scoliosis. Based in an Order of Malta hospital in Dakar, the project provides access to healthcare for poor people and supports surgical interventions to help reduce child mortality. The project also provides training for local health staff in the treatment of […]

Training and Care for Sufferers of Leprosy and Other Neglected Skin Diseases, Mozambique


This grant supported those who assist people with neglected diseases, through the training of medical staff, and assistance for those who struggle with leprosy and other neglected skin diseases. Responsible Organisation: French Association

The Oxford Companions, UK 

The Oxford Companions work to assist elderly, lonely and isolated people, children born with disabilities and the unacknowledged homeless. They run a drop-in service for the homeless, mobile soup kitchens, as well as weekly visits and special events for those in the local Order care homes. The volunteers also run educational visits for children with […]

Education Is For All, Romania


‘Education Is For All’ is an after-school project for Roma Children in the Romanian city of Satu Mare. The project provides marginalized and persecuted children with access to education, helping to prevent them from dropping out of school. Daily support includes help with homework, tutoring, team-building activities and craft workshops, as well as a hot […]

Order of Malta Oakland Clinic of Northern California, USA

The clinic provides free, basic health care, including lab tests, screenings and pharmaceuticals, to individuals who have cannot afford health insurance. The grant has enabled the clinic to replace old medical equipment, as well as develop its range of services and hours to better meet the needs of the population. Responsible Organisation: Western Association

Building Capacity for Community–Based Hygiene and Nutrition Promotion, Colombia

Colombia 15 H1 (2)

This project reduces malnutrition and morbidity in the local community, by promoting preventive health and hygiene measures, as well as conducting nutrition campaigns for marginalised communities in La Guajira. The project aims to train 10 community health staff in preventative health and hygiene, forming a community support network. This work supports the public campaign for […]

Support Program for the Disadvantaged Elderly, Cuba

Cuba 15 H1 (1)

This work has been run by the Cuban Association for 15 years and delivers food and services to 58 elderly care centres throughout Cuba. The elderly population in Cuba is growing at a rapid rate, and by 2020 will surpass the number of children. The grant has allowed the association to increase the number and […]

Assistance for Immigrants in Santiago, Chile

Chile 14 H2 (6)

This work offers immigrants, notably from Peru, Colombia and Brazil, with the opportunity to come together and meet with the local community, providing a forum for learning and sharing information on the local administrative requirements. The project provides training in English language, computing and personal development once a week, as well as putting on activities […]

Minibus Appeal – Dial a Journey, Scotland

This project offers transportation for those with mobility problems by providing a door-to-door service in Central Scotland. The grant has used to purchase three new minibuses to help replace an ageing fleet. Responsible Organisation: British Association

Order of Malta Medical and Dental Clinic, Detroit – USA

The clinic provides free health and dental care to those unable to afford insurance. The target beneficiaries of this project are the people visiting the local Catholic soup kitchen, as well as people who are in rehabilitation facilities for drug or alcohol abuse. The clinic is the sole provider of free dentures in the city […]

The Dignity Loan Programme, Palestine

Palestine 14 H2 (1)

This work assists the marginalised and persecuted in Salfit Governorate, West Bank, Palestine, providing a mechanism for deprived and marginalised communities to help improve their circumstances with dignity. This programme is implemented through the provision of recyclable, interest-free loans to individuals and through co-operative projects. It allows businesses to expand, increasing income and employment, which […]

Delivering Meals for Socially Disadvantaged Elderly in Bratislava, Slovakia

This work targets the most socially disadvantaged elderly in the Old Town of Bratislava and aims to provide meals for those who would otherwise not be able to afford them, due to lack of provision and the cost of living. The grant was used to implement a new model of a full-coverage meal service that […]

Meals on Wheels in Bucharest, Romania

Romania - Meals 15 H1 (4)

The grant enabled volunteers from the Romanian Relief Service to provide hot meals to elderly people, who are often disabled and live alone. The ‘Meals on Wheels’ programme in Bucharest currently provides one daily hot meal to 20 people all year around. As well as receiving meals sufficient to maintain their health, those helped by […]

Special Malteser Kindergarten, Romania

Romania - Kindergarten 15 H1 (5)

This grant was awarded to a day care centre for the recovery and rehabilitation of children with severe neuromotic disabilities. Each year, the kindergarten welcomes 22 children aged between 2 and 9 years old and assists them in acquiring independent living skills. The project has a complementary therapeutic recovery programme, which includes animal-assisted therapy. The […]

Education for Roma Children in Valea Crisului, Romania

Romania - Roma 15 H1 (4)

The Romanian Relief Service assists 25 Roma children and teenagers from the most disadvantaged families of Valea Crisului, by fostering their social integration and ensuring their access to education. The program enhances self-esteem, motivation and involvement, and helps to preserve traditional Roma culture in Covasna country. Responsible Organisation: Romanian Relief Service

Meals on Wheels, Lithuania

Lithuania 14 H2 (2)

This Lithuanian Relief Service provides hot meals to elderly people, who may live alone and who are often disabled. Nearly 80,000 people in Lithuania live below the poverty line, and this work currently helps 450 beneficiaries, whose needs are identified through the local social services. The grant helped the Order in Lithuania to expand their […]

Day Care Center for the Elderly in Kefraya, Lebanon

Lebanon 13 H2 (4)

This day care centre creates a gathering place for the elderly, where they can meet several times a week. The centre provides activities and professional support services, which help to integrate the elderly, combatting social isolation and enabling them to be active, independent, and continue to live at home as long as possible. The target […]

Help for the Homeless in Prague, Czech Republic

Bohemia 15 H1 (5)

This programme is run by the Grand Priory of Bohemia and provides access to social benefits and a dedicated social worker for homeless people or those recently released from prison. Each social worker has the capacity to work with 15 homeless people long term. This grant enabled the existing programme to meet the existing demand […]

Kindergarten Building’s Rehabilitation in Pondicherry, India

India 15 H1 (1)

This project aims to ensure access to a good education for poor children, and healthcare for the children and their families. The grant covered the construction of a new building to accommodate around 80 children between the ages of 1 and 5 years and a further 125 children attending state primary school. Responsible Organisation: French Association

Care of Wounded Civilians in Aleppo, Syria

This project provides access to free medical care for those wounded in the war, at St Louis Hospital in Aleppo, offering them the best chance of survival. Most patients have serious injuries requiring multiple operations, intensive care and assisted respiration. Free surgical consultations and interventions are provided, as well as access to a specialized mobile […]

Improving Household Food Security, Benin and Togo;

Togo & Benin 15 H1 (4)

This grant facilitated the development of a nutrition centre, which encourages healthy eating habits and improves food security for households in the areas of Djougou (Benin) and Elavagnon (Togo). As well as detecting cases of malnutrition, the project provides training in horticultural agriculture, nutrition and cooperative management. This work of the Order aims to reach […]

The International Summer Camp, France


This annual grant was the fourth grant awarded by the Global Fund for Forgotten People for the International Summer Camp for disabled people. Throughout this week of carefully designed and co-ordinated holiday activities, the French Association engaged its younger members and volunteers, as well as those from dozens of countries, to provide a summer camp […]

Ljuliju Project, Italy

This project enabled over a dozen Belarusian children, affected by the Chernobyl disaster, to travel to Italy for 30 days and escape the effects of radiation. A combination of outdoor recreational activities, healthy diet and regular health checks were provided, all aiming to strengthen the children’s physical and mental condition. Responsible Organisation: Italian Relief Corps (CISOM)

Hospital Equipment, Abu Zaabal, Egypt

Egypt 15 H1 (2)

This grant was awarded to renew equipment, procure medicines and medical appliances, and contribute towards the hospital running costs, improving the medical care and supporting in the training of new medical personnel. The funding enhances the support offered by the hospital to both outpatients and inpatients, predominantly those affected by leprosy and malaria. Responsible Organisation: Egyptian […]

Socio-Medical Centre for Roma and Gypsy Communities, Albania

Albania 15 H1 (8)

This work of the Order facilitates the integration of Roma and Gypsy communities, particularly the children, by providing basic healthcare and enhancing social interaction. The project offers educational activities, health services, legal assistance, and lobbying to facilitate government initiatives. Responsible Organisation: Albanian Relief Service

Medical aid to Refugees in the Mediterranean, Italy


This project provides assistance to refugees arriving in Italy after crossing the Mediterranean in dangerous conditions. The Italian Relief Service (CISOM) has continued to respond to the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean by providing medical assistance, through the provision of doctors and nurses, on Italian ships. Responsible Organisation: Italian Relief Service (CISOM)

Training Centre for the Homeless, Uruguay

Uraguay 13 H2 (5)

This grant to the Uruguay Association targets a total of 80 single mothers and elderly people within the homeless community served by a homeless centre.

Healthcare for Immigrants, Lampedusa, Italy

Lampedusa, 29 Giugno, 2008. Volontari del CISOM durante la loro attivitˆ nelle motovedette della Guardia Costiera

The Order provides healthcare to immigrants and refugees who arrive in Italy from a treacherous, traumatic and dangerous journey from North Africa through the strait of Sicily.

Reducing Malnutrition, Maracha Hospital, Uganda

Nurse with malnourished children

This Malteser International programme is designed to help the community hospital to curb severe malnutrition and related morbidity in young children.

International Summer Camp for Disabled Youth, Netherlands

Dutch Camp 2014

This grant is the third Global Fund grant for the international youth camp, which is designed for disabled people from 18-35 from all over the world.

Socio-medical Centre, Lebanon

IMG_2168 - Copy

This grant is to help maintain the quality of services in the Lebanese Association of the Order’s Social-medical Centre in Barqa, a very poor area of Lebanon where there has been an influx of 214 000 Syrian refugees.

Mentoring Children of Prisoners, New Jersey, USA

Mentee and Officer

This grant provides mentors for 40 children aged 5-17 with incarcerated family members, encouraging positive youth development, providing them with goals, hope and a sense of connection to their communities.

San Juan Boarding School Refurbishment, Mexico


This school, run by the Mexican Association, gives an education and home to children whose parents are no longer alive, who are violent, in prison, addicted to drugs or who simply cannot afford to look after them.

Healthcare for Marginalised Communities, Colombia


This programme targets the 1300-strong marginalised, indigenous Arhuaco community in the remote Sierra Nevada Mountains of Colombia.

Making Leprosy History, Cambodia

Child and man

Leprosy can be cured easily if detected early.  Run by CIOMAL, this large scale programme provides a wide range of services and support for leprosy sufferers.

 Craft School and Children’s Soup Kitchen, Argentina

This grant to the Argentinian Association enables children from one of the most deprived areas of Buenos Aires, where there is great poverty, overcrowding and unemployment, to receive basic nutrition and learn vocational skills to help them earn a living.

Nutritional Gardens, Togo and Benin

DSC03002 (Copier)

This project aims to empower women by providing the establishment of nutritional gardens within the local hospital, training in horticulture, nutrition and cooperative management.

International Camp for the Disabled, Ireland


The camp provides full time carers to disabled guests who take part in activities such as cultural visits, skills workshops and social entertainment.  280 volunteers take part for 200 guests from 20 countries.